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Welcome to the OFFICIAL 'Vote for Reuben Langdon' site. What's a Reuben Langdon? Only the best thing to hit Devil May Cry since Dante! He is the best VA since Bugs Bunny! Ok bad example, but he rocks.

Anyway, the purpose for this site is so that Reuben can be the VA for Dante in the new DMC anime! Because I don't think anyone would watch it unless he is ^^

Information will be on different pages of the site on how to vote for him, and even to his website ^^ so enjoy clicking around, and don't forget to vote!

Disclaimer: Dante, Devil May Cry, and possibly Reuben Langdon are all property of Capcom. Until I get enough money to buy them =D

We have been affiliated =D and also, CHECK OUT THE AWESOME BANNER!
June 27 2007


don't forget to cast your vote :)